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The first of five proposed neighborhood retail centers at Stapleton, the East 29th Avenue Town Center represents developer Forest City’s commitment to new urbanist ideals.

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The East 29th Avenue Town Center at Stapleton is a 40 Acre mixed- use development envisioned as the primary gateway into the Stapleton Redevelopment District. Uses include residential lofts above retail, office space above retail, and multiple free-standing retail spaces. A full-service supermarket and fueling station anchor the southern portion of the site. The ambience is decidedly urban. Borrowing from the traditional architecture of Denver’s popular historic neighborhood retail districts, Architects 42/40 introduced a wonderfully contemporary architectural flair. The buildings are modern yet timeless. The landscape architecture continues the contemporary theme with crisply articulated plazas and pedestrian ways detailed for pedestrian comfort and delight. Elements of whimsy such as toddler-size concrete 'marbles' and 'chirping frog' fountains accent the outdoor spaces, bringing both a sense of humor and a refreshing human scale to the district.