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30th Street


As a charming example of historic residential architecture, the Race Street Residence had little support from the front yard landscape to provide an inviting presentation to the street.

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The Race Street Residence is a charming, cottage-like bungalow located in the Washington Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The property presented wonderful possibilities for enhanced outdoor living, but the primary connections to the outdoors were somewhat constrained and perhaps even inadequate for the owners lifestyle. A newly added sunroom at the rear of the home allowed a much enhanced visual connection with the rear-yard space, but the function and beauty of the landscape did not effectively compliment the new addition. At the front of the home, the streetside charm was enticing, but the front steps and front porch lacked any welcoming sense of arrival and comfort for a visitor arriving on foot. In addition, the existing plantings throughout the property were not supportive of the visual and contextual quality desired by the owner. The proposed design enhances the outdoor connections from the home and capitalizes upon existing improvements, resulting in an economical and satisfying transformation of the owners outdoor space. Construction begins in May 2005. Please check back to see images of the transformation by mid-summer 2005.