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30th Street


The drought of 2003 took its toll on the exposed south-facing slope at 30th Street.

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The 30th Street Duplex was a traditional 'bungalow style' duplex in need of a facelift. The owner desired an enhanced streetside appearance to improve marketability as a rental property, as well as reduced landscape maintenance to lower overhead costs. The renovation included new sandstone retaining walls to accommodate a significant grade change from the street to the units, as well as a complete eradication of turfgrass to eliminate dangerous slopeside mowing and wasteful water use. New sandstone 'carriage walks' ease the process of loading and unloading vehicles in the predominately 'streetside parking' neighborhood. In place of the predominant turfgrass treatment that had previously covered the front yard, colorful xeric plantings bloom and lend landscape presence throughout the year without the constant demands for mowing and watering. The result has been remarkable, transforming the 30th street residence and spurring a small revolution in the neighborhood to incorporate beautiful, well adapted, xeric plantings in conjunction with well designed, sustainable landscape solutions.