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The home is really a private retreat. At its best, a home beautifully satisfies the emotional need to withdraw from the outer world to a place that delights us in simply being there. A carefully crafted connection with our personal outdoor space can enhance the livability and comfort of a home many-fold. At Solara Designs we strive to really listen to our clients and to discover ways that “home” might better satisfy the role of “retreat”. You may never want to leave!

Our tagline for residential work has been "Solara Designs...Landscapes for a Sunny Climate". This is a reference to our regional context...mostly dry and sunny with plenty of opportunity for outdoor living! The idea is that landscape solutions should exhibit a character that celebrates our region’s natural and cultural context while accommodating the needs and desires of each client. Lower maintenance, lower water use, stronger indoor-outdoor connections, greater usability, and enhanced visual quality are some typical goals.

Whatever your goals, Solara Designs can be a valuable ally in crafting the perfect landscape solutions for your lifestyle and your budget.